Eralp Karaduman


I’m a full stack mobile software developer based in Helsinki, Finland.
I build mostly iOS apps along with their backend and Android counterparts.
When I’m not working on apps, I like making games at our own Super Damage Games

I’m available for hire!
I’ve just recently shipped a new product,
And now looking for the next exciting project to work on.
Download my CV

Best ways to contact me would be;
Twitter: @eralpkaraduman
(PGP Key, FingerPrint: 0350 3E22 3153 4F9F CB96 9513 CF03 F1AB 4549 DF7F)

About this site

I’m currently learning golang as hobby and this site is my playground. It’s basically very simple jekyll clone, serving markdown content, It will eventually be a blog some day.
It’s open source on github.
Suggestions, contributions & criticism are more than welcome.